How to Join the GC-CESU

Step 1: New Member Application

Interested parties are welcome to contact the CESU Network National Office and individual CESU director at any time with inquiries. The CESU director sets the deadline(s) for receiving an application (e.g., accepts new member applications throughout the year or on a semi-annual or annual basis). Additionally, the CESU director may invite an applicant to attend the annual CESU partner meeting for an in-person presentation and interview as part of the application process.

The following outlines the required elements for the application for enrollment in a particular CESU.

Step 2: New Member Application Review

Following submission of an application for enrollment, the CESU director distributes the application package (via email) to all existing partner technical representatives for consideration. The CESU director determines the timeline and method for review (e.g., comments via email or in person at the annual meeting).

Step 3: New Member Approval (Nonfederal Applicants only)

Once existing partners have reviewed the new member application, the CESU director solicits a vote in favor/not in favor of selection of the applicant for membership. The CESU director shall determine the timeline and method of voting (e.g., via email or in person at the annual meeting). Voting requires a minimum of a quorum of 50 percent of partners. Approval is determined by a super majority (i.e., two thirds or greater) of returned votes in favor of selection for membership. The CESU director informs the applicant of the outcome of the review and approval process.

Step 4: Amending the Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement

Upon enrollment of a new federal member or approval of a new non-federal member applicant for enrollment, the CESU director sends the application materials (via email) to the CESU Network National Coordinator with instructions to prepare an amendment to the CESU’s master agreement. The CESU Network National Office prepares a draft amendment to the CESU master agreement, formally adding the applicant as a new partner. The draft amendment shall be prepared within four weeks of receipt of materials from the CESU director.

Step 5: Amendment Review and Signature Process

The CESU Network National Office sends the draft amendment to the new partner for review and signature. The new partner reviews and processes the amendment, returning the completed signature page by email to the CESU Network National Office. The amendment must be signed by an appropriate official, with authority to commit institutional resources in a binding multiyear federal cooperative and joint venture agreement (e.g., president, executive director, chief financial officer, vice president for research, director of sponsored programs).

Once the completed signature page has been received from the new partner, the CESU Network National Office works with the CESU director to circulate the amendment to existing partners for signatures. Existing partners shall have forty-five (45) days from receipt of the amendment to sign the amendment or provide comments in writing. The amendment is in effect upon receipt of the host institution’s signature and 100% of partner signatures or after the 45-day signature period has expired, whichever occurs first. If a partner has not responded within the 45-day signature period, its signature will not be required.

Once the amendment is in effect, the CESU Network National Office works with the CESU director to distribute a digital copy of the fully executed amendment to all existing partners for their files and posts the amendment to the CESU Network national website.

Step 6: New Member Actively Participates

Once the amendment is in effect, the new partner is expected to actively participate in the CESU and CESU Network activities (e.g., support/conduct collaborative projects, respond to CESU correspondence and administrative actions, share announcements/funding opportunities with colleagues, participate in annual/semi-annual partner meetings, disseminate project outputs).

If you have any questions concerning the approval process, please do not hesitate to contact us.