Perry Barboza


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Perry Barboza is a Professor in the Texas A&M Department of Rangelands Wildlife and Fisheries Management jointly appointed with the Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology. He works on linking animal function to social and ecological systems, seeking to understand how animals work in a complex world. Most of his work has focused on nutrition of wildlife and the performance of populations. Although most of his recent projects concern large herbivorous mammals (bison, caribou, deer, moose, muskoxen, reindeer), Barboza and his students also study carnivores (bear, seal), waterfowl (ducks and geese) and non-game species (e.g. porcupines, bats, tortoises, iguanas and marsupials). Most projects address issues of natural and anthropogenic change for the management of wildlife populations. Barboza’s teaching connects wildlife science to public policy in undergraduate courses on fish and wildlife policy, graduate courses on wildlife issues (e.g. conservation capstone) and graduate research in wildlife nutrition and physiology.