Md Adilur Rahim

Assistant Professor Research

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Civil Engineering | Coastal Resilience | Spatial Analysis Curriculum Vitae Additional website

As an assistant professor of research at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, I conduct research on flood and wind hazard and risk assessment, risk mitigation (nature-based solutions, elevated homes, FORTIFIED roof), deep learning/computer vision modeling, and AI-based embedded systems (Jetson Nano). I apply my expertise in programming, GIS and Remote Sensing to analyze spatial data and generate maps and reports. I also collaborate with other researchers and stakeholders to develop and implement innovative solutions for flood mitigation and resilience. Currently, I am reverse-engineering the NFIP's pricing approach (Risk Rating 2.0), FEMA's risk-based flood insurance premium calculation method. I obtained my Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Louisiana State University in August 2023, where I also completed my master's degree in Civil Engineering in May 2022. During my graduate studies, I worked as a research assistant, contributing to multiple projects and publications on flood modeling, remote sensing, and machine learning. I also completed three online specializations on deep learning, mathematics for machine learning, and probabilistic graphical models and participated in four Kaggle competitions, enhancing my skills and knowledge in AI and data science.