Non-Federal Partner Membership Application Guidelines

Download the PDF application here.

Under specific headings, please provide the following information:

Name of Organization:

Contact: Your name, address, phone, fax and e-mail address

Mission: A 2-3 sentence paragraph describing your organization’s mission.

Programs: What ecologically-oriented programs do you have, including cultural programs?

Faculty: Please reference an appendix for faculty, even if the list is short. List all appropriate faculty members, including their area of expertise in 5-6 words, and their e-mail addresses.

Facilities and Equipment: A brief description, about ¼ - ¾ of a page.

Experience and Federal Relationships: The CESU program is a program that allows the transfer of funds from federal agencies without competitive bidding. Please identify the federal agencies from which your organization has received funds in the past? An estimate of the amount received should be included.

Services Provided: If one of our federal agency partners were to house their scientist at your university/organization, what would you provide?

Overhead Rate: Submit a separate letter from a person with authority to sign for your organization stating that they agree to a 17.5% indirect cost rate on all CESU projects (do not use the words grant or contract – use “projects”).

Administrative Support: 1-3 sentences stating that as a partner in the Gulf Coast your organization will have the capability of providing administrative, secretarial, computer, and accounting support.

Please remember the maximum is 3 pages plus the Appendix listing your appropriate faculty. Also include a separate letter, on your organization’s stationery, signed by your President or Comptroller stating that you will accept the 17.5% indirect cost rate.

Note: The GC-CESU partners will be looking for unique strengths your institution/organization can bring to our CESU.


Memo on behalf of CESU Council

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